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What do we sheathe with? Set Wiggers a challenge! We take on challenges others don’t dare to touch. Test out our inventiveness by asking for our input at an early stage of your project. Even if your ideas are still ‘rough ideas in your head’. We help put your plans into practice. See for yourself our sheathing specialism, as well as veneering, and experience the unwavering quality with which Wiggers realises your product or project.

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At Wiggers, we believe in teamwork. That’s because the best results are achieved by using everyone’s qualities and specialisms to the full − such as with these projects − and we’re proud of that.

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Together with you, we create it. And that already starts at an early stage. We seek out solutions for our partners who have certain ideas in mind. For instance, our calculator isn’t just a ‘calculator’, but a technician searching for an answer to a complex issue. We advise on the best sheathing solution for specific applications and wishes. We also take all of the factors relevant to your product or project into account. For all these reasons, we venture to say: Wiggers. Your co-makers.

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Congrats, George! Welcome to Wiggers

On 04-05-2018

Getting to know George: George has been working at Wiggers since November 2017, after he passed his citizenship exams. He has now started working with us, brimming with enthusiasm.

Thanks to a good working relationship with Ellen Rouwhorst from the Achterhoek Werkgeversservicepunt (Job Centre), George was able to successfully apply for his job a Wiggers.

On Facebook George writes: “I’m really thrilled to be working at Wiggers. I thank all of you for your help and support. I’m going to do my best to meet your expectations.''


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