The advantages of ready-to-use distributor boxes

On 30-05-2024

Wiggers ready-to-use distributor boxes

Wiggers distributor boxes provide a sleek finish for floor heating distributors, among other things. Simply place them over your installation for good protection.

Because the distributor boxes are delivered as read-to-use finished products, they only need to be installed on-site and no assembly is necessary. In addition, our distributor boxes are moisture-proof and scratch- and impact-resistant.

All about our distributor boxes

The main advantages of our distributor boxes

  • Packaged and marked per room
  • Long service life
  • Easily (un)installed
  • Customisation available
  • Resonance dampening

All the benefits

Gerrit Hartman 

Ecoprofile distributor boxes in Amsterdam

In this project, almost all distributor boxes have different sizes. That fits perfectly with the customization options we offer. And thanks to the clear marking, on-site assembly was easy and super-fast.

Distributor boxes in modern villas

Client Anne-Louis Hilgenkamp of Ufkes: "Wiggers' products have a sleek finish, matching both the houses and the image the architect had in mind." 

Looking for a sleek finish for your installations too?

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