Ash heartwood corner profile veneers

We were able to use our expertise in veneers for a new branch of a rapidly-growing German fashion chain.

Commissioned by our long-term business partner, interior construction company Knoblauch, we provided the corner profiles for the shop premises. An ash heartwood veneer finish was chosen. Ash heartwood is a type of wood that was popular in the 1970s and is now undergoing a major revival and trending once again. By opting for ash heartwood veneers, the corner profiles were given a more solid look, whilst the thin MDF folded corner reduced the weight and prevented warping.

In addition to their solid look, the beauty of veneer finishes is that they are free of any defects. A length of clear, blemish-free wood is 100% guaranteed and there is no risk of warping, cracking or tearing. In summary, we provide consistent quality with our solid-looking veneers.

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