Historic studio apartments with a modern touch

There is a reason we call ourselves co-makers: We are completely involved and continually inspired by all the projects we work on. This page delves deeper into the way we work at Wiggers.

Vier Koningen in Arnhem

Our co-makers helped to create 27 brand-new studio apartments in the centre of Arnhem. And these aren't just studio apartments: the building, which is called the ‘Vier Koningen’ (Four Kings), has been designed entirely in a historic style in order to retain the traditional street scene of the Driekoningendwarsstraat. From the outside, the building looks grand, old and historic, whereas it is both modern and functional on the inside. Client Vos Projecten has had some good experiences with our sustainable and sheathing products, which can be used in an infinite number of different ways. And this is why Vos Projecten is once again asking us what we can add to the project. The result? All studio apartments are fitted out with Wiggers ceilings, plinths, windowsills and corner protectors. We are proud of the fact that clients have such confidence in us! ;

Long-lasting materials

These brand-new studio apartments need to last, which is why it's important that the interior is able to easily withstand the odd impact. Our many years' experience give us a good idea of which products are most suitable for use in the apartments. We supplied and fitted the EcoProfiel products: the best and most durable materials for the construction industry. The 1.5-metre-high corner protectors protect the walls well from damage. The windowsills and plinths are also scratch and impact-resistant, as they are sheathed with a durable top layer. The ceilings have been given careful consideration too: the ceilings are easy to dismantle, allowing engineers easy access to the ventilation units. Handy! All in all, the apartments are now maintenance-friendly and ready for long-term use.

Efficient way of working

An efficient way of working is, of course, just as important. In order to maintain pace, all products are delivered to site ready-made, enabling us to kill two birds with one stone: the joiner can complete the woodwork in each studio apartment in one go, and the delivered products no longer need to be painted, saving both considerable time and costs.

The realisation

The project was completed at the beginning of 2020. Residents are now able to enjoy their luxurious studio apartments which incorporate high-quality Wiggers products.  

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