Horen & Zien in Winterswijk

There is a reason we call ourselves co-makers: We are completely involved and continually inspired by all the projects we work on. This page delves deeper into the way we work at Wiggers.

Horen & Zien 

Shopping experience is more important than ever before. Consumers decide in an instant whether or not they will enter the shop, and the atmosphere in the shop affects whether it will attract potential customers. For optician and hearing care specialist Horen & Zien, this was another reason why they decided to give their shop interior a facelift. Horen & Zien closed its doors and called on the help of Tritop Interieurbouw B.V. in Dinxperlo, full service partner in the field of interior solutions. To create a modern glasses display, Tritop Interieurbouw B.V. opted for a timeless oak design, which involves fitting the walls with decorative sheet materials. The aim was to give the display wall that exact same look. However, sheet materials are not the best choice for a sophisticated glasses display, which is why Tritop called on the help of Wiggers.

You ask, we deliver!

Wiggers likes to exceed our clients' expectations, which is why we opted for Tritop. We have a wide range of veneer available in our branch in Winterswijk, so we have veneer which has exactly the same colour and gloss level as Tritop's oak wall. For the glasses display, we shaved the required MDF profiles and sheathed them in oak veneer, before supplying them in various perfect lengths, only shortened in mitre, and others with veneer on the end. So it is impossible to tell these sheathed profiles apart from solid oak, but they do bring a load of benefits with them. For example, the lengths are lightweight, scratch-proof and are always supplied upright: veneered profiles leave the warehouse without containing any cracks and/or knots. The glasses profiles are fitted blind to the wall. The end result? A complete glasses display where no one is able to see the difference between real oak and oak veneer! That is the quality we like to deliver.

The final result speaks for itself.

The renovation of optician and hearing care specialist Horen & Zien is already some time ago, and the doors to the shop have since reopened. Both the owners of Horen & Zien and our client Tritop Interieurbouw B.V. told us enthusiastically that they are very happy with the final result.

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