Multiplex body for moving Springlab play floor

It comes as no surprise that everyone – both young and old – needs to move to stay healthy. However, it can be a challenge at times! For example, did you know that 80% of young children do not move enough?* Yet movement during the first years of life is essential for child development.

This is why Springlab has developed an interactive play floor on which kids can use movement to work on their development. Games promoting movement are projected onto the floor. What is the aim? To get kids in schools and kindergartens moving in a way they can enjoy!

*Source: Maastricht University

No linear metres for once

What does a moving Springlab play floor have to do with Wiggers? This is how it works: Our partner Cimar Electronics produces, programmes and tests the entire unit. But electronics alone are not just moving trolleys, of course. This is why we helped with the design and produced an attractive multiplex body on the CNC machine.

It is nice to be working with 'square metres' instead of 'linear metres' for once! Definitely a challenge, as the contours of the casing are complex and require a particular drilling pattern. Following a number of tests, we succeeded in milling a number of attractive multiplex 3D panels with one of our most modern CNC machines. The result? A moving Springlab Play Floor with an attractive Prototype multiplex body. Ready to be tested by the kids!

To be continued...

If the tests prove successful, we can deliver the materials for even more moving Springlab play floors. We are proud to be part of such a special project and hope that we will get lots of children moving!

Want to find out more about the moving Springlab play floors? Check out Springlab's website:

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