New head office for Océ Technologies in Venlo

There is a reason we call ourselves co-makers: We are completely involved and continually inspired by all the projects we work on. This page delves deeper into the way we work at Wiggers.

Gepla and Océ

When it came to finding the right finish for the walls and ceilings at Océ Technologies’ new head offices in Venlo, Elsloo-based shopfitters Gepla B.V. knew where to come, knowing that they would need 55,000 metre-long lengths of wood, a variety of shorter lengths, numerous mitred pieces and multiple veneered headers to realise this project. Our Sales Manager Michel advised Gepla’s Project Manager Karel Olfers to opt for veneered MDF.

The Brief

Working with wood isn’t always plain sailing. The nature of wood means it’s susceptible to contraction and expansion, especially on a building site where it’s often exposed to many different conditions. And the longer a length of wood, the more likely it is to warp quickly. But it’s not all bad: all woods can be transformed into a veneer. MDF doesn’t warp and when it’s veneered with the customer’s chosen finish, it’s virtually indistinguishable from ‘the real thing’. We have a number of pieces we use to persuade architects of the advantages of using Wiggers’ products in their designs. But these are no small samples; we show them the actual sizes so our clients can see what they’re really paying for! “We went for Wiggers simply because of the quality they offer. The price difference was minimal but that wasn’t the deciding factor. You need to know that your chosen solution is the best one. And we certainly know that it is,” says Tom Kitzen, Work Planner at Gepla.

The Realisation

Wiggers manufactured and supplied the required lengths with exactly the finish the customer requested. In addition to this, the wood is also water repellent thanks to the type of lacquer used. This project is now in full swing, and is even operating ahead of the proposed schedule! But it didn’t all stop for Wiggers once they’d made the first delivery. Tom at Gepla is in almost daily contact with Sander Jansen, Wiggers’ own Work Planner. “At Wiggers, we focus on the project, not the product as much as we can. The market demands flexibility. So we are flexible,” says Sander.


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