Skirting boards Van der Valk Apeldoorn

We were tasked with supplying the skirting boards for the new Van der Valk Hotel in Apeldoorn However, these weren't just regular skirting boards: they are 26 cm high and are the perfect finishing touch for these spacious and stylish rooms Moisture-resistant MDF was coated with a layer of resilient, chip-proof plastic film to provide additional protection against bumps and scrapes from vacuum cleaners and suitcases. In addition to the time saved as extra painting was no longer required, we saved even more time by the walls were measured in each hotel, meaning we delivered a skirting package for each room, provided with the same number of the room number.

As part of our post-production process, the final step was to cut mitred corners and joins into all the skirting boards so literally all the fitting team had to was slot each part into place in its designated room. That's what we call ready-made delivery. That way, the 160 rooms were delivered swiftly and efficiently for the official opening, and to receive the first enthusiastic guests.

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