Slimline pelmets for 429 apartments

There is a reason we call ourselves co-makers: We are completely involved and continually inspired by all the projects we work on. This page delves deeper into the way we work at Wiggers.

IC Netherlands and Smit’s Bouwbedrijf

The housing shortage is a pressing question demanding answers. It’s also forcing house prices to head in one direction: up. And the effect? Rental fees and mortgage repayments are becoming unaffordable. International Campus (IC) Netherlands believes this can and must change. Based on the philosophy of creating living spaces for young professionals, IC Netherlands has built a variety of apartment buildings for precisely this market.  Currently, five residential sites comprising 429 apartments are being developed in the centre of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, under the creative direction of Studioninedots architects. Thanks to an innovative approach to tunnel construction, the ceilings are subtly curved, creating spaces that, while attractive, present a whole new set of challenges: Because how do you fix a straight pelmet for straight curtain rails to a contoured ceiling? At Wiggers, we have a long and successful working history with the construction firm Smit’s Bouwbedrijf (SBB) so, naturally, we were the ones they came to seeking an answer to this question. Wiggers happily took on the challenge of developing a suitable solution.

The Brief

A pelmet is an often overlooked feature in interior design. This functional piece can also be an attractive solution for smoothing the transition from wall to ceiling. Not only do we take into consideration the need to create something that’s quick and easy to install, we also consider how the finished product will look in situ. Our co-makers rose to this challenge, and their solution surpassed it! Wiggers came up with a concept that caters for all kinds of curtains; this pelmet is quite simply the solution when it comes to anything less – or more – than a right angle. This design allows the carpenter to ‘make’ a curved ceiling straight, so the curtain rail can easily be attached to the pelmet. Is your ceiling straight or curved? They’re all the same to Wiggers: we make the impossible possible.

The Realisation

‘THE FIZZ Don Bosco’ is expected to open in the second quarter of 2020. Thanks to the extensive experience of our co-makers, we know better than anyone else how to expedite our side of things. We always supply turnkey products, meaning the carpenter can get to work straight away; no need to factor in extra time for painting or varnishing. And that’s how we keep ourselves one step ahead of the game! In April, Smit’s Bouwbedrijf is set to install our quality curtain pelmets in all 429 apartments.


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