Prefab window joinery

With the Wiggers prefab window frame finishing packages, you can finish interior window frames in one go. We supply a complete prefabricated package, consisting of window sills, reveals, end battens and fasteners. Only one fitter needs to work and you have no more sawing waste. The Wiggers prefabricated window frames offer a great solution for renovation projects or new construction projects in both residential and commercial construction.

With the traditional method, finishing window frames takes an average of 2 to 3 man days per house. The joinery material still has to be cut to size and after assembly, a painter does the final finishing touches. Wiggers' prefabricated framing kits are already cut to size and do not need to be painted. They consist of a support (often V313 MDF) and a top layer in the desired final color. We explain the advantages below.

Benefits at a glance

  • Prefab delivery
  • Save up to 3 days of assembly time
  • No sawing waste
  • Scratch-, impact- and UV-resistant

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Brief specifications



Painting required


Quality mark


Ready-to-assemble delivery

The frame trims that leave our premises are ready for assembly. We can take care of the assembly, or you can just purchase the product. Here are the advantages:

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Delivery per room

We deliver a complete prefabricated package, and package everything per floor and room. If required, we will install it for you.


All finishes possible

Customisation is our specialty. You can choose from many different colors and frame finishing profiles. Challenge us!

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Waste reduction

With the Wiggers prefab window frames you no longer have any sawing waste. A big waste reduction on your construction site!

More information?

Naturally, you can count on good quality from Wiggers. The window frames are scratch- and impact-resistant thanks to the solid top layer and do not fade in the sun.

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All specifications

    Area of application 



    MDF V313 or P5 chipboard carrier
    FinishSolid top layer, PU glued (waterproof)
    Depth200/250/300/350/400 mm or other on request
    Length3050/4880 mm   
    Nose height 34 mm
    Quality marks FSC
    Scratch resistant Yes
    Impact resistant Yes
    Moisture resistant Yes
    UV resistant Yes
    Painting necessary No
    Fire retardant Possible

    Underlying technique

    Sheathing is the continuous wrapping of a base material with a plastic film, melamine film, aluminium foil, veneer, paper or even leather. The base material, the backing, is usually MDF, particleboard, solid wood or aluminium. Read more about the technique here.


    't Harde reference

    For an energy-efficient future, 30 homes were renovated in 't Harde by construction company Salverda. RC Panels supplied new facades for this project. We provided the frame panelling. The goal was to install them quickly with little waste. Together with DIB Geveltechniek and RC Panels, we looked for the best solution. Watch the video to see how we did it.