Room dividers 

Something functional can also look very good. Take our room dividers, for example. Imagine your office or public space with these typical Wiggers solutions. That looks a lot better, doesn’t it? They divide big spaces into several smaller spaces without losing the open character and transparency of your decor. It is very subtle. And on the practical side: they dampen ambient noise, they are also available in half-height, and they can also be produced with plexiglass. That latter feature is a particularly useful solution in the current atmosphere of social distancing.

List of benefits

  • Can be set up instantly
  • Sound dampening
  • Makes every space more attractive

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Brief specifications

Custom work


Consistent quality


Quality labels


Beautiful interior elements, no unattractive panels

We do not believe in standard dividers or panels in boring colours or materials. We manufacture the room dividers in exactly the right size and cover them with the material of your choice.

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Our room dividers are made for your rooms, your surfaces, and your ceiling heights. That means we deliver them to you in exactly the right size for you. The installers will be able to install them immediately without needing to do any additional finishing.

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Lasting quality

Do you opt for wooden room dividers? Good choice! Particularly because our technique highlights the disadvantages of solid wood. Solid wood contains a lot of tension, which often causes longer lengths to warp. That is not what you want in your room dividers. The solution is MDF as the base material, sheathed with veneer.

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Sound dampening

In addition to the fact that the wooden room dividers break up your room and make it even more beautiful, they can also be sound dampening. This helps you create peaceful spaces in an office garden.

Many options for materials

What will be the best choices for the interior you have in mind? Thanks to Wiggers’ special technique, we can provide room dividers with the most diverse types of finishing. This is often veneer, but there are also other options, such as plastic sheeting, melamine sheeting, paper or even leather. In this way, we ensure that the room dividers really fit in well with your space. In fact, it will make your space even more beautiful!

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American walnut veneer

Maple veneer

Oak veneer

Varnished oak veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Still not convinced?

Request a quote and allow our specialists to collaborate with you. We would love to hear your plans. From there we are happy to advise you about the best ways you can use our room dividers. For example, in your office, public space or restaurant.

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All specifications

Application areaInterior
Most frequently used base materialMDF
Most frequently used finishingVeneer
Water-resistant  Yes
Needs to be paintedNo
Flame-retardant   Optional
Consistent quality in large amounts Yes
FSC Quality label  Yes

Underlying technique: veneering

Veneer is cut from a tree trunk as a thin layer of wood. Using our expertise, we sheathe a support, for example  MDF, with this layer of veneer. Read more about veneering here.

Made by Wiggers

An example of room dividers we have installed:


In recent months, the furniture manufacturer Arco, a regular Wiggers client for many years, has been putting some serious work into renovating its office building. In addition to the products that Wiggers already makes for Arco, we have now also been commissioned to provide veneered rods for the balustrade in the hall and for some of the office walls. We chose to use MDF V20 in lengths of up to 4100 mm, with full matte lacquered veneer in European oak. Each piece is then cut to size, drilled and punched, before being fully processed and fitted by the carpenter, as shown in the photos.

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