Wiggers windowsills are no ordinary windowsills. Windowsills that leave our premises are scratch- and shock-resistant, moisture-resistant and UV-resistant. Plus, no request for custom work is too much for us. In addition to our standard detailing, all your wishes are possible. Are you looking for a specific edge finishing, rectangular windowsill or sloping windowsill? Our co-makers can make almost anything! In addition, the material the core is made of is something we can discuss and you get to choose a top layer. This can be a top layer of wood or stone print, but also a random RAL colour. We also deliver the windowsills in the dimensions you desire and if you like, we will install them for you. And, not insignificant: the quality is always excellent and the windowsills are ready for long-term use.

List of advantages 

  • Prefab delivery
  • Scratch-, shock-, and UV-resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Your own colour and detailing are options

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Brief specifications

Custom work

We will produce your wish

Needs to be painted


Quality label


Can be installed immediately

All windowsills that leave Wiggers’ can be installed immediately. This means that have been fully prepared for installation. You don’t have to saw them down to size and they come with dowels. Calculate the amount of time you save. How do we do this?

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Wiggers’ windowsills are delivered customised for every space. For small- and large-scale projects. This means the windowsills do not have to be sawn down to size. In addition, the windowsills can be linked infinitely using our strong dowel connections. 

Choose any colour

A windowsill does not always have to be white. Thanks to Wiggers’ special technique, almost all colours are possible. And no matter what colour you order, you will not need a painter.

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Choose any profile

In addition to a standard windowsill profile, custom work is our specialty. Anything is possible: narrow, sloping or even round! Challenge us!

Still not convinced?

Besides being ready to install, Wiggers’ windowsills are indestructible. Thanks to the sturdy top layer, they are not only scratch- and shock-resistant, but also UV- and moisture- resistant. We also make your windowsills fire-retardant.

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All specifications

    Application areaInterior
    MaterialMDF V313 of P5 particle board carrier
    Sturdy top layer, PU glued (waterproof)
    Depth200/250/300/350/400 mm or different by request
    Length3050/4880 mm  
    Nose level34 mm
    Quality labels FSC
    Scratch-resistant  Yes
    Shock-resistant   Yes
    UV-resistant    Yes
    Needs painting   No
    Flame-retardant   Possibly

    Underlying technique

    Sheathing is the process of covering a base material with plastic sheeting, melamine sheeting, aluminium veneer paper or even leather. The base material, the support, is usually MDF, particle board, solid wood or aluminium. Read more about the technique here.