Pre- and final processing

Pre-processing simply means all grinding, sawing and planing activities. Your desired profiles are ground in our own grindery. Through planing (profiling) and sheathing, we arrive at an important, distinguishing component of Wiggers: the final processing. This is where major advantages occur that accelerate your entire process. Time and costs are saved due to highly meticulous final processing that limits your further processing and handling to a minimum. 

The Wiggers customer-specific approach (customisation) is expressed in both the pre-processing and the final processing. That starts with your unique profile and ends, if required, with a ready-to-use product. Optionally provided with a barcode and packaged in retail packaging.


Grinding the profile

We of course offer standard profiles or profiles you’ve used previously. However, at Wiggers an entirely new profile for your special requirement is in expert hands. Based on a AutoCAD diagram, cutting out an entirely new profile soon takes two and a half hours’ work, although is essential for guaranteeing the renowned Wiggers quality. True craftsmanship performed with the very latest techniques. With the right tools, Wiggers then shows that profiling is an art, and no profile is too outlandish for Wiggers’ specialists. 

  1. The AutoCAD diagram is converted into CNC language;
  2. The profile is milled into a plastic sheet;
  3. This serves as a template for the grinding;
  4. We start with a rough grindstone;
  5. The end result is a tool (the chisel) with a superfine profile.

The source of all our productions is our own grindery.

Sawing and planing

Another component of the pre-processing is planing the profile in the material to be sheathed, after this material has been sawn to size. The chisels from the grindery including the desired profiles are mounted onto the planing machines and then it’s ‘just a matter of turning’. This is how the support material acquires the desired profile.

Both chisels and support material are continually monitored during this process. Everything for safeguarding Wiggers quality and starting the sheathing with flawless material.

Exactly tailored and therefore no unpleasant suprises on location.

Final processing: what’s possible?

At the end of the journey starts an element of the process that’s just as important, and something that makes Wiggers unique: the final processing. Wiggers’ machinery is perfectly equipped for what makes Wiggers inventive co-makers. Benefitting from the ease of final processing.

  • Shortening
  • Shortening under the corner
  • Drilling
  • 5-Axis milling
  • Dowelling
  • Gluing
  • Mounting
  • Packaging
  • Providing skirtings with adhesive strip and barcode

Sheathing skirtings with adhesive strip and barcode. Delivered by Wiggers read-to-use.

Skirting intended for retail, packaged with a sheet for consumers to use.

All EcoProfiel products are packaged with a special sheet to prevent damage during shipment.

Providing input, taking on, realising

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