Sheathing is our specialism and we’re proud of that. This position is the result of years of innovating and doing business. Sheathing is certainly not a common term, which is why we’d like to tell you more about this technique. 

What is sheathing?

Sheathing is continually turning a basic material with a plastic sheet, melamine sheets, aluminum foil, veneer, paper or even leather. The basic material, the support, is usually MDF, particle board, solid wood or aluminum. We venture to say on the quiet: in principle, you can sheathe “anything”.

Sheathing is a bit of a strange word. That’s why we also say cladding, sealing or wrapping. Whatever you call it, in the end it comes down to applying a layer onto a basic material with any corner and any profile desired is proper covered. And that’s what we specialise in. 

  • Small purchase possible

    Small purchase possible

    Sheathing is possible from quantities of 100 products upwards

  • Sustainable


    Use sheathing for the same and often even a better appearance, without the disadvantages of natural wood

  • Taut and flexible

    Taut and flexible

    Seamless finish, also in difficult corners and around details

  • Upgrade products economically

    Upgrade products economically

    Enhance the appearance of products by simply giving the surface a different appearance

The sheathing process

To make our work clearer, we divide the sheathing process into three phases. The image displayed below (the material, the mould and the profile) is only one of the many examples of our productions. It is primarily intended to get to the core of the technique known as sheathing.
Phase 1 of sheathing

Phase 1

The basic material as a support for the end product is delivered unprocessed and sawn and planed to size.

Phase 2 of sheathing

Phase 2

The profiles are milled with tools customised by us (chisels) from our own grindery. The contours of the eventual product become visible.

Phase 3 of sheathing

Phase 3

The sheathing begins. Every corner or curve is covered perfectly, and the end result is astonishing. Exactly according to your specific colour and theme wishes. 

Why opt for sheathing?

The answer is in fact: why not? It’s the ultimate finishing touch for any product and any application in the widest variety of sectors. And what leaves our factory is a ready-to-use solution straight away. That any project, construction or otherwise, is accelerated considerably. Just think of the savings if painting and/or spraying are no longer required.

Example of sheathed product

What can be sheathed?

If you can design in AutoCAD, we can sheathe it. That might well be up to a certain width, but you’ll be amazed by the diversity of our productions. Diversity is our specialism, making Wiggers stand out. Here you see frequent applications, although we would like to provide you a more complete picture of our work.

  • Ceilings
  • Ducts
  • Skirting boards
  • Reveals
  • Interior frames
  • Windowsills
  • Furniture
  • ...

Want to know more about all of the applications?

Examples of sheathed products

The possibilities are endless, yet at the same time we can well imagine you’d still like to see examples of sheathed products and how these - as a whole - are applied.

Drawer front
Aluminium profile
Example of sheathed product

Our range: What can you sheathe with?

The most common covering layers are melamine or plastic sheeting, paper and of course veneer. However, Wiggers in fact also takes that extra step for less obvious requests.

CPL laminate


Melamine sheeting

Plastic sheeting




Veneer is one of the possible covering layers possible with sheathing, although one we like to explain separately. When talking about veneering, we also say ‘coating with real wood’. Name a type of wood and we’ll fetch it from our veneer warehouse. The unwavering quality and the beautiful appearance make veneering the solution for applications in which real wood has to be used. As a finish we can varnish or stain in advance, and even add inflammable coating (including A test). 

All of the benefits of veneer

Sheathing as a solution to your problem

Your co-makers. This is the essence of our collaboration with you. Want to find out what our inventiveness, our sheathing specialists and out enthusiasm could mean for your products and projects?

Sheathing as a project solution