Wood veneer is a thin layer cut from a trunk. That’s why every type of wood can be veneered. Based on our expertise we sheathe a support, such as MDF, with this fine layer of veneer. That way we meet any quality and aesthetic requirement, for any application. This is why the extensive Wiggers possibilities come into their own, particularly in interior design and the furniture industry. However, even here we like providing our input with your veneer wishes, irrespective of the business you’re in.

Benefits of veneer

  • Your end product is unique: no tree is the same. 
  • Compared with solid wood: no warping with long lengths.
  • No high, expensive waste percentages on your order.
  • Optionally delivered varnished and stained.
  • Optionally with flame-retardant coating (inflammable including A test).

Range of veneers

We serve the furniture industry, interior design, the kitchen industry and yacht interior design with our highly extensive range of wood types in veneer. Draw inspiration from these popular veneer finishes.

Veneering as the solution for your problem

Set the Wiggers specialists to work. Column joinery, wall cladding, curtain boards, skirting boards, reveals or ceilings; these are just a selection of the many applications where veneering takes your project to the desired result.

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