The strength of Wiggers


Sheathing is our specialism. Wiggers’ uniqueness in fact lies in the far-reaching focus on solutions, with which we really help our customers. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why we guarantee absolute quality from beginning to end. That starts in the very first phase where you “only” want to work out possible solutions. We subsequently offer a the level of quality for achieving a perfect result throughout the entire line. 

Whereas others are inclined to offer standardised solutions, you can present Wiggers with any problem. That makes Wiggers your co-maker. A partner involved over the entire process. From the initial ideas up to and including delivery and if desired, even assembly. 


Project solutions

A co-maker is of course also a project partner. Involving Wiggers at an early stage of your planning means you’ll soon experience the long-term benefits. Wiggers’ specialism is in fact diversity. We have offered suitable solutions for a wide range of projects.

Building on a project together?

From custom-made wall finishes to ready-to-use packaged strips. We are at your service.

EcoProfiel. Long-lasting finish profiles for construction

EcoProfiel is a range of products focused entirely on construction. With EcoProfiel, you have a unique construction programme at your disposal. Complete, although it can be arranged flexibly and in a customer-specific way.

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Looking back at our history, we’re proud that we’ve grown from a timber factory in 1937 into specialists in the field of sheathing profiles. The turnaround to this wonderful profession occurred at the start of the 1990s, and since than we have constantly optimised and refined our processes and techniques. In all modestly, yet proudly looking back at the work we have behind us, we venture to call ourselves specialists. We don’t wish to dwell on this too long. After all, we’ve been looking ahead since 1937, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

Sheathing, a specialism


Our people are what makes Wiggers Wiggers. Each one is a specialist in their field, yet jointly they are greater than the sum of the parts. With their enthusiasm and inventiveness, they form a team that proves our statement ‘your co-creators’ every day.

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Quality means: we’re just as critical as you are

You might be very demanding, but so are we! When we’re challenged, all strengths come into their own. Whereas others prefer to offer standardised solutions, we take extra steps to realise your plans properly. We’re happy to show you how we maintain quality and how we’re a Socially Responsible Company.

How does Wiggers maintain quality?

We are here for you

It’s good to find out more about the collaboration options with Wiggers. A exploratory meeting with our specialists is never a bad thing for getting a good picture of possible solutions for your problem.

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