Quality & CSR

Quality is a broad term as well as one so often used that its meaning sometimes becomes blurred. At Wiggers we like clarity, which is why we offer quality through:

  • Specialists with a high level of knowledge
  • Advanced machinery
  • Inventiveness
  • The best material and tools

Furthermore, Wiggers is a company that implements Corporate Social Responsibility instead of just mentioning it. For instance, we have an incineration installation for our sawdust, which heats our factory as well as our office located nearby. We’d be happy tell you more about our CSR approach the Wiggers quality level.

The level of technical knowledge is high. That has to be the case, as what we create isn’t easy. We constantly monitor the quality that customers expect from us. That way, we anticipate circumstances that might affect the quality of gluing, for example.

Reinoud Stapelbroek, Sheathing Specialist

FSC® approved. Wood with responsible origin

The material we work with of course has the FSC® quality mark. Our wood originates from forests independently assessed as well-managed forests, according to the standards for environment, social conditions and economy.

Guaranteed quality

We are PEFC certified. Although this quality mark is issued by an organisation other than FSC®, both have a common aim: sustainable forest management. The more certified wood is selected, in whichever industry, the greater the stimulus becomes for forest owners to opt for sustainable forest management. 

PEFC keurmerk

Sheathing: the pinnacle of sustainability

Resistance to scratches and impact and the fact no further painting or maintenance is required after fitting make sheathed profiles a particularly long-lasting solution. Having Wiggers sheathe means products with a long lifespan and an advanced, continual quality. You can furthermore rely on:

  • No delaminating (the layer applied does not peel off)
  • Moisture-repellent material
  • Constant structure

Further advantages of sheathing

Monitoring from A to Z

Although our specialists work with innovative machines that take on a lot of the work, we prefer relying on them for the keen, critical Wiggers eye. Even diamond blades and chisels can become blunter over time, in which case these tools are returned immediately to the grindery, to ensure “superfine” profiling at all times.

During sheathing, achieving perfect sheathing depends on a consistent glue quality. The colour (dark or light) of the material being sheathed certainly also plays a role. Our sheathing specialists monitor the glue temperature throughout the entire sheathing line. Call it climate control. 

In the final processing, we work meticulously by millimeter and degree. Nothing leaves the factory without thorough quality control. Our foreman is at times unable to allow people at home to see under a table leg sheathed by Wiggers whether his initials are on it.

Together with you for quality and sustainability

We’re curious about your project. Let’s see how we can combine our expertise and make your project an amazing success.

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