Our entire process, from the exploratory phase where we discuss with you the options, up to and including the final processing in the production process and the delivery, requires expertise in every link of this process. From office to production and shipping, we set the bar high for ourselves. We can’t do otherwise, as everyone plays a crucial role in achieving the unrivalled end result we strive for.

Wiggers’ specialists are in ‘top condition’. Healthy curiosity into the latest developments in their field and internal and external courses and training means they actually remain the specialists they are. Inventiveness is of course something you have by nature, but you have to keep on training it. Like a top athlete overflowing in talent, who also trains daily.

Our product has become more complex over the years, as a result of projects also becoming increasingly complex, such as hotels, luxury clothes stores and yacht interiors. However, we never have to turn down a sale, since a way to put it into practice can always be found.

Dick Wiggers, Calculator

Calculators, work planners, grinders, planers, sheathers, CNC specialists, woodworkers...

They’re all essential in the sheathing process. Wiggers’ specialists stand out due to:

  • Inventiveness in their fields
  • Passion for their profession
  • A sound work ethos
  • Striving for the best quality
  • Curiosity 
  • Responsibility 
  • Rolling up their sleeves and making your wishes a reality

Get to know our team and better still, set them to work! They’ll show you what exactly Wiggers’ co-makership entails and can mean for you.

Get to know the entire team

Our factory

Our machinery is fully focused on the three things that makes us unique: customer-specific profiling, sheathing, final processing. Although our machines and robots will be becoming even smarter, the driving force behind this remains the creativity of our specialists: Wiggers’ people. 

The problem solvers


Our office is where solutions are found. For instance, there’s a calculator with us at the same time as a technician. He or she sets to work based on a diagram, model or sample. This is precisely what gets to the essence of Wiggers’ co-makership. Even if you only have an idea in mind and still don’t know how this can be put into practice, we’re happy to be your problem solvers. 

Our in-house specialists are just as happy being at a trade fair or among the machinery in the Wiggers production halls, which is indispensable for supporting our customers 100% technically, and taking care of things for them.


Share your challenge with us

We’re curious about your project. Let’s see how we can combine our expertise and make your project an amazing success.

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