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The product, the technique, the approach, the working method and the sectors we’re active in make Wiggers a particularly interesting employer. We can use reinforcements in various fields. People who want to collaborate with us in our mission, at the same time as developing themselves.

View our vacancies and get in touch, or else let someone who could really enhance Wiggers know. 

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Latest vacancies

All-round Machine Woodworker

To expand our production team, we’re looking for an All-round Machine Woodworker. In this role, activities consist of setting and operating drilling, milling, taping and CNC wood-processing machinery.

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Machine Operator

To expand our production team, we’re looking for a Machine Operator for the sheathing machine. A sheathing machine provides MDF, particle board, aluminum and plastic moulding with a sheet or veneer layer using special glue. Setting the machine involves specialised manual actions acquired through internal training.

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What can you expect?

Our highly customer-focused approach means in any event no two days are the same. This is down to the amount of attention we give our customers: the co-makership. Every position, from smart technicians to commercials wizards and everything in-between, are connected with the common denominator: inventiveness. This is expressed by the constant focus on our customers’ complex issues. As a team, our challenge is to make on these challenges and to realise these.      

Employees on working at Wiggers

Michel van Essen

Michel van Essen

Sales Manager

An architect hasn’t been able to put their signature on a project for years. It can once again be lavishly decorative, nicely finished, and more specialist. In other words: Wiggers!

Roel Verwer

Roel Verwer


The mutual connection between colleagues is typical of Wiggers. There a real team that wants to do things for each other. And there’s future in our work. Technical progress means the machines we work with are becoming increasingly advanced and more interesting.

Kay Kranenburg

Kay Kranenburg


If I look at my own position, the variation, the mix between office and warehouse makes the work enjoyable and challenging.

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Traineeship or BBL training

Would you like to take a “Professional Traineeship” (BBL) at Wiggers? No problem. Wiggers will be happy to demonstrate why we offer the ideal environment for this. Educational and properly supported by professional colleagues.

Becoming a top specialist through a traineeship is certainly among the possibilities. Let us know what you study and what your ambitions are. We’ll then jointly look at how can be enhance each other.

If you’re interested in a BBL course or traineeship at Wiggers, get in touch with Wilrieke.

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Internships at Wiggers

Would you like to do an internship at Wiggers? That sounds like a good plan to us! Working in technology is more challenging than ever. If we connect your technical insight with our experienced specialists as well as our machines, you can be sure of great results. Productions you’ll be proud of, and it’s experience you can take with you.

There are also plenty of challenges at our office, such as an internship with Financial Administration. What’s more, Wiggers takes responsibility within the social domain, and we offer opportunities for everyone to ‘take part’ as much as possible. 

If you’re interested in doing an internship, get in touch with Wilrieke.


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Curious about what we do?

Our speciality makes it easy for you. A fine profession, even we if we say so ourselves, which we like showing more of. There are various applications, but the results are uniform: high-quality end products.

A common way of sheathing which we will explain further. The many types of wood mean the freedom in design is virtually unlimited, and the appearance and aesthetics are amazing.

Good work preparation is half of the work. From our grindery to the machinery where final processing takes place, your Wiggers product is in good hands - after which hardly any more hands are required for the further processing you have planned.