A way to putting an idea into practice can always be found. Wiggers combines creativity and inventiveness with advanced machinery and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. We like showing what this entails and what this can mean for your plans.

Pragmatism is typical Wiggers. Roll up your sleeves and get going! We simply ensure it gets done, and we always find a solution.

Rogier Oosting, Operations Manager

Our speciality makes it easy for you. A fine profession, even we if we say so ourselves, which we like showing more of. There are various applications, but the results are uniform: high-quality end products.

A common way of sheathing which we will explain further. The many types of wood mean the freedom in design is virtually unlimited, and the appearance and aesthetics are amazing.

Good work preparation is half of the work. From our grindery to the machinery where final processing takes place, your Wiggers product is in good hands - after which hardly any more hands are required for the further processing you have planned.


Below you will find a brief impression of the many applications of Wiggers creations and productions. If you would like to know where else sheathing and veneering can be applied, see all of the applications.