Made by Wiggers

Inventiveness is in the Dutch DNA. And it is precisely inventiveness that makes the difference in the sectors we’re active in. This is the underlying theme of our company. In certain cases, you can outsource production work to companies abroad, but this isn’t always the case with solutions and ideas. We devise solutions, but also execute them here in Winterswijk. We make it a reality. This results in a large variety of projects of which we’re proud co-makers

Our product has a high visual presence. That means it has to be beautiful, since it’s the finishing touch. You want unity in your finishes and that’s what we offer.

Henk Naberman, Account Manager

Why Wiggers?

Wiggers also likes to provide input on your upcoming project or product to be developed. We regard teamwork as something that takes place throughout the entire chain, and not just within our walls. Share with us your ideas for divergent corners, curves and special corners in finishes. You receive the result perfectly sheathed, for long-lasting use and ready-to-use. 

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