Project solutions

Irrespective of your position, but also irrespective of the size of your project or product development, it’s advisable to already ask us about the possibilities during the ‘drawing board phase’. An obligation-free exploration provides you insight into options you’d like to include in your practical and economic considerations.

Offering customer and project-specific solutions is what we do every day.

Michel van Essen, Sales Manager

Sheathing as the alternative

Sheathing offers a ready-to-use alternative to common finishing techniques. Faster to apply and often even better quality: longer lasting to use and maintain. Wiggers’ customers already appreciate using sheathing as an alternative to stucco or painting, for instance, which is more labour-intensive, requires more maintenance and is less longer lasting than sheathed wall finishes, columns or skirting boards.

Everything about sheathing

Wall finishes sheathed with plastic sheet for a wonderful appearance that also happens to be long lasting.

Does it have to be able to withstand a knock?

Skirting boards have to be able to withstand a knock. In any space, flaking paintwork on skirting boards spoils the appearance of the interior. Skirting boards sheathed, for instance, with a very strong plastic resolve this problem for good. A simple example of how sheathing can have a major, positive impact.

Sheathing: the pinnacle of sustainability

Skirting boards in a hotel covered with plastic. Suitcases and vacuum cleaners knock against the skirting, without causing any damage.

Mounting directly from the pallet?

Thanks to our extensive and secure final processing, a cupboard door for instance can be directly fitted with a hinge and a handle to be mounted immediately from the pallet. Our precise drilling and shortening ensures this.

Another example is loaded into the pallet fully finished, including protective sheet. Assemblers pack them ready to be fitted from the pallet. Painting is no longer required, which means a considerable acceleration - and thus cost savings - in the construction/completion process. 

No more doubts

Put our inventiveness to the test. In the first place, we’re curious about what you’re working on. We then take it from there!

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