Renovating window frames in 248 homes

There is a reason we call ourselves co-makers: We are completely involved and continually inspired by all the projects we work on. This page delves deeper into the way we work at Wiggers.

PontMeyer and Verhoeven Vastgoedverbeteraars

After thirty years, the social housing in the Arnhem district of Presikhaaf is well overdue an overhaul. Residents there have long complained about drafts, damp and unwelcome rodent visitors. Volkshuisvesting Arnhem [Arnhem Social Housing] is addressing the massive backlog of complaints and has approached the property developers Verhoeven Vastgoedverbeteraars to tackle the renovation. Following the recommendation of PontMeyer’s wood specialists, we were tasked with finding an appropriate solution for the re-working of wooden window frames in 248 homes.

The Brief 

At Wiggers, we have created an impressive variety of high-quality and durable products in response to the changing demands of this evolving market. Verhoeven Property Development specifically requested this durable turnkey design. The initial expectation was that we would use conventional corner joints, but from our many years of experience and expertise, we knew a fixed EcoProfiel corner would be the best solution. Why? Conventional corner joints are two separate, loose parts that require additional carpentry time whereas fixed corners are pleasing to the eye, easier to manufacture and quicker to install. These profiles also offer the customer an additional advantage: one less step in the process automatically equates to lower installation costs. 

The Process

We love being involved in all aspects of the project, even the logistics! We suggested to Verhoeven Property Development that they combine all carpentry elements into one complete package; these packages are then easily sorted per home. Wiggers also suggested opening up a pop-up Ecoprofiel workshop in the area: a multifunctional ‘container’ that acts as product storage and as a workplace.

The Realisation

Mid-August 2019 saw Wiggers delivering the pop-up container, complete with the first profiles. Currently, around 70 homes have been kitted out with fixed EcoProfiel corners. Lars Buschers, from Wiggers’ External Sales Department, regularly visits the site to see how things are progressing. From the outset, it was clear that all of the homes requiring renovation were unique. This of course meant that no two window frames were identical, so using one single template measurement was not an option. So to avoid any potential delay, Wiggers consulted with the carpenter on the job and came up with an alternative solution: to supply larger fixed EcoProfiel corners which can then be cut down to size in the pop-up workshop. ‘Our knowledge and experience gives us the edge when it comes to thinking outside the box. So we can identify and resolve any potential problems before the construction process even begins, streamlining the whole process,’ says Lars Buschers.

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