Wiggers’ prefab cylinders are the ultimate solution for finishing elements in a neat and tidy way in the interior without a lot of sawing and carpentry. Thanks to the total fold-out size of 1200 mm, our cylinders can cover virtually anything you want to hide from sight. This includes pipes, beams, tubes and/or wall openings but also constructions made of concrete or steel. All these types of elements can be finished with Wiggers cylinders. We can come and install the cylinders at your location if you like. All our cylinders are easy to install (prefab) and just as easy to uninstall. The cylinders are delivered in the desired size; they can be any length or width. This also includes recesses and inspection hatches. The cylinders are moisture-resistant, mould-resistant, scratch- and shock-resistant and (optional) also insulated.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Very maintenance-friendly
  • Scratch- and shock-resistant

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Brief specifications

Custom work






Can be installed or removed instantly

Finishing installation work according to traditional methods is quite labour-intensive. Something always needs to be sawed, hammered and screwed together and often it also needs to be painted. In contrast to that traditional, time-consuming method, there are Wiggers’ cylinders. And this is what makes Wiggers cylinders so special:


The cylinders are delivered prefab (including already folded) at the building site and can be installed immediately. They are available in all types and sizes. The cylinders do not need to be sawed to size onsite. We can deliver them with all the hardware needed for installation, such as wood backing and screws.


It is just as easy to remove the cylinders as it is to install them. And that is great when there is an installation behind it that needs to be maintained periodically, like in the illustration above.


Long service life

The cylinders are moisture- and mould- resistant. This is great for a moist room, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. In addition, the cylinders never need to be painted and it also makes it a very cost-effective investment. 

Still not convinced?

Allow our specialists to collaborate with you on your ideas. We would like to hear what your plans are. From there we can advise you about the application of our cylinders.

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All specifications

Application area Interior
Most frequently used base materialMDF V313
Most frequently used finishingDurable, scratch-resistant sheeting of 180 mμ.
Moisture-resistant   Yes
Painting needed    No
Flame-retardant    Optional
Continuous quality for large amounts   Yes
FSC Quality label   Yes

Underlying technique

Sheathing is the continuous turning of a base material with plastic sheeting, melamine sheeting, aluminium foil, veneer, paper or even leather.  The base material, the support, is generally MDF, particle board, solid wood, or aluminium. Read more about the technique here.

Ommantelen: de kracht van Wiggers

Made by Wiggers

An example of cylinders we have installed:

132 zero-energy houses in Nijmegen from Dura

Wiggers is working hard with Dura, in collaboration with SAKOL and MIT Bouw, on 132 zero-energy houses in Nijmegen. In this project, we are taking care of the joining work on the window frames as the old facades are replaced with the new, the wall cladding and the pipe boxing. And all of this with our paint-free EcoProfiel products, so there is no need to paint the finishing! The houses are still occupied during our work, but thanks to the discipline, efficient working method and good communication demonstrated by our fitters, any disturbances are kept to the bare minimum. We are proud to finish these owner-occupied homes with our products! Of course, each property is unique and no two rooms are the same, but the excellent and fast finishing work conducted by Wiggers employees ensured that these houses were delivered with the high quality that you’d expect from us!

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