Wooden wall covering

Without the disadvantages of solid wood

Wooden wall covering is currently a trend. It gives your office, shop or other public space a luxurious appearance and a warm ambiance. Unfortunately, a solid wood wall covering is not as easy as you may think. Wood holds a lot of tension. It shrinks, expands and warps. This is certainly not desirable!

The solution? Wooden wall covering by Wiggers. It is real wood, but without the disadvantages of real wood. What is our secret? Our wooden wall covering consists of a basic support (often MDF) with a layer of wood veneer. The appearance is the same as that of solid wood. Even better. Because it does not warp, it does not discolour, and it is scratch- and shock- resistant. Plus, our wooden wall covering is of consistent quality. Whether you order today or in six months: it always looks the same. And there are still more advantages. Let us show you! 

List of advantages

  • Real wood that does not warp
  • Every wood type is possible
  • High yield
  • Always available

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Real wood, but without the disadvantages of real wood

Wiggers’ wall covering is made of real wood. It has exactly the same appearance as solid wood, but the composition is different. We provide an alternative in the form of a thin layer of wood that is cut from a tree trunk and applied on a different base material. And these are the advantages:

Horen & Zien 4

It does not warp 

Solid wood has a lot of tension, which causes long pieces to warp. With our wooden wall covering, you will get the same appearance as wood, but it will stay completely straight. The support is made of a base material that does not warp.



The wall covering is lightweight due the use of a light base support. This makes the installation process a lot easier than working with heavy wooden beams!

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High yield 

When you use solid wood, the failure rate can be as much as 40%. But you do pay for all of it. What a waste! Because our wooden wall covering is made of veneer, the yield is much higher. That is better for your wallet and for the environment.

You can choose any type of wood

There are many options. You get to choose whatever fits in best with your space. We can already hear you thinking: “Even nutwood or pine?” Yes, those too! Plus, you also get to choose the finishing you want. You can choose from matt lacquered, stained and flame retardant. 

Carolina Pine veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Carolina Pine veneer

Still not convinced?


Wiggers’ wall covering is always available, unlike solid wood. This means a quick delivery time, even for the long pieces. Plus, we make your wooden wall covering exactly the way you want it. You can choose what dimensions and what finishing you want. Do you want your wooden wall covering as individual profiles or already processed? And do you want it stained, (matt) lacquered or with a fire-resistant coating? There are many options. You get to choose.

Would you like to find out more about our wooden wall covering? Or would you like to experience it yourself? Contact us and request a sample today.

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All specifications

Application areaInterior
Support materialMDF, particle board or aluminium
Finishing Veneer in all wood types
Unlimited by request
LengthUnlimited by request
Height Unlimited by request
Quality labels
  • FSC Quality label: Yes
  • ISO-certified: Yes
Scratch-resistant Yes
Shock-resistant Yes
Moisture resistant Yes
UV-resistant Yes
Flame-retardant Yes
Consistent quality for large amounts Yes

Underlying technique: veneering

Wood veneer is cut from a tree trunk as a thin layer of wood. And we use our expertise to sheathe a support, for example MDF, with this veneer layer. Read more about veneering here.